11/5/2012 – Kids and Teens Say Their Choices Are The Key To Ending Bullying


 10/8/12 – Sears and NBC-KCRA Team Up with to Provide Anti-Bullying Solutions to Students, Parents and Schools


9/28/12 – KCRA 3 to air one-hour bullying special


7/17/12 – Websites That Empower Kids to Stand Up to Bullies – by Leticia Barr



6/26/12 – Kids Help Create Program to End Bullying 


6/26/12 – That Outrageous Bus Monitor Video: Why Kids Don’t Fear Consequences – by Bonnie Rochman



3/29/12 –  Bullying is a choice: What do you choose?  – by Sue Scheff


4/10/12 – Yoursphere Media Unveils New Anti-Bullying Campaign, Offers Schools Free Challenge Starter Kit



4/19/12 – “I Choose” at the 2012 Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards Pre-Show Event