Everything was fine right before 4th grade when I had to move schools because of my house location. I never knew of bullying or what it caused. Nothing. I now know from it happening to me what it does to someone. In fourth grade people would make fun of me because of my hair color or my face, and I thought they were my friends because people told you when someone made fun of you they liked you. It just stayed at that rate til 8th grade. It started getting worse and people would not stop. It got to the point where I would cut myself once a week to relive pain but yet it caused more but it helped. Freshman year came I decided to get help. I went to my principal and he said well you don’t have proof of anything I can’t do anything about it. I finally got proof and he still didn’t do anything about it. Sophomore year was the worst. I got threatened to get beat up the second week of school. I told the girl I didn’t do that but she didn’t care and insisted on calling me names in the hallway and wanting to beat me up. I went to the dean with proof and he said he would call her in a warn her but that didn’t help at all I was in and of out his office because of this and nothing ever happened. It died down a little and then people would start to make fun of everything I did or who my family was or how I dressed. Then 3 weeks before school let out another girl threatened me and I went back to the dean and he said he couldn’t do anything about it because she didn’t go to my school and he said I would have to talk to the police but they said it wasn’t enough. Eventually I had thoughts of suicide to just get everything over with and be done with the bullying, but then I hungout with friends from church and realized my importance. Even though I still might get threatened and want to end it, I still have a purpose.

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  1. Lauren | June 15, 2014 at 8:50 pm #

    Hi, I loved your story! I can really relate to it and I’m sorry you had to go though that. It stinks when adults don’t do anything to help us, and that just makes them look bad. I hope everything is better now! Stay Strong! <3

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