From kindergarten to today I have been bullied to an extreme. It started when I moved to Tennessee from Florida. Everyone thought I was weird and hated me. I barely had any friends. A girl would call me a freak and make fun of me. It bothered me.

When I got to middle school everything calmed down for a year but soon enough I was getting notes in my locker that were telling me to go kill myself, calling me a whore, etc. On the bus multiple girls were telling everyone at school that I slept with 6 guys and one “accidentally” fell on me, making me fall forward and bust my nose on the seat. I almost broke my nose from that. She’s one of my best friends now because she apologized and explained that she was only listening to a girl who hated me for no reason. In eighth grade a girl came to me in the girl’s restroom and told me she wanted to beat me up.

I’ve been in high school for two years and it had been terrible for me. Ninth grade the girl who threatened to beat me up did it again. She was saying that I was telling everyone that she was “fake”. She threatened to bra my face into a window and my mom ended up going to the principal to tell them but they did nothing to help me. My sophomore year she gave up but another person started on me. She accused me of stealing her boyfriend so she hacked my Facebooks and pretended to be me. She changed my name on it to Whorley and told everyone that I was a whore and tried to pretend to be me.

While all this bullying was going on I turned to self harm. Now self harm is being romanticized and glamorized… People do it for attention but I did it for relief. I wanted a way to get all the sadness and anger out of me without telling my family or school knowing I have a problem. I got addicted to cutting myself and I just couldn’t stop. I hoped I would cut deep enough to kill myself but I never did. Cutting was my resort. None of my friends knew until my best friend found out and begged me to quit. I haven’t cut in a few months and I don’t plan to in all honesty.



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  1. Lore | June 24, 2014 at 6:58 pm #

    never let a person make you feel less than what u r worth! those people definitely don’t deserve your attention. You need to focus on yourself and your future in order to be happy. Talk to your family and friends, do not let them win. and never ever cut yourself, you are only hurting you and that’s exactly what those type of people want..

  2. Anonymous | June 16, 2014 at 9:10 am #

    Thats so sad

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