My Story

The bullying started as soon as i started school. I was kindergarten and i was being abused both physically and verbally. I was told i was fat, ugly, annoying, stupid, worthless and a waste of space. I was pulled down by every single person i saw and i was constantly fighting the battle each day to get up and face the bullies. I was hit and kicked and chased around. I was 6, i couldn’t stand up for myself and i had no one to stand up for me because i didn’t have any friends. No one liked me because i was “different” from the others. The bullies chose me and they spent every second they could making sure i i knew how worthless i was, and it worked. I had to move schools twice because it became to much and the bullying was getting out of control and the schools weren’t doing anything about it. Unfortunently the bullying didn’t stop at the new schools, it kept going and it attacked every single shred of confidence i had. My mum spend 7 years of her life committed to building my confidence back up because i didn’t believe in myself anymore. I believed in those words and actions. I started believing that i deserved it even though i didn’t. I spent my last day of year 6 sitting inside the bathrooms locked away in a stall because i was too scared and too threatened to walk outside to just be pushed back down again and again. I was tired of feeling this way and so i made a speech to my year group. I told my story when i was in year 10 to all my peers and i left majority in tears once they herd what words and actions can really do to as person. I changed peoples perspectives by standing up and encouraging kindness. People don’t realise how much words and actions affect people. No-one deserves to be treated like they are nothing. Everyone is equal and it is time people started to believe that.

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  1. 80smetalman | May 28, 2014 at 4:47 pm #

    I feel for you, I really do. I had a similar harrowing experience between the ages of 10-13. Fortunately, the bullying did stop when I moved out of that town. Well done for coming forward and sharing your experiences.

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