Jealousy Can Lead to Serious Bullying!!



I would like to share my story about how I was bullied. Let me tell little about myself. I’m an outgoing person. I loves to meet new and execiting people. I love to play sports ( football basketball and to run track. I have a passion for music. I’m in the 9th grade.

I played football/basketball for my pasted school, as well as on the marching band. It were hard, but thought this would pay off later. When I go to band practice the students would pick on me. One of the upperclassmen threaten to set my hair on fire. He would harass me and try to fight me by shoveling his shoulder into me.

He would call me names in the class room for the other students could laugh. One day he asked one of the student to ask me to go to the store with them. He wanted to flight me.

I asked him why he didn’t like me. He said Football players don’t belong in band. There were several students wanted me out of band. Two other student came up to me during practice and hit me in chest and stomach. I asked them to stop. Another student tried to trip and break my legs. They said I don’t belong here.

One of the saddest thing is when the band teachers would tell the other students they didn’t like me. The band teacher would laugh when the students bullied me. One of the band teacher hid my shoe and gave it to the student who cuss and threaten me. I’m a big student, so I wear a large size shoes. Which is hard to find.

It got worse the basketball coach finally got me out of band. I was schedule to play a basketball game, The band teacher came up to me. She told me I still have to perform that nite or she will fail me. I told her I not in band and I have a baseball game and going to play my game. She approached me 3 times threaten to fail me. I told remember the counselor told you and Mr. Holt I’m no longer in band. I’m in the basketball program. I told her I was in the office when Mrs. sanders (counselor) called you’lI that I was no longer in her class.

I called my mom and told her I have to performance in the band, and the teacher threaten to fail me. She tried to call the band teachers, they did not answer. My mother brought my clothes to perform that nite.

The same students who been threatening me and calling me names such as (I’m a big tall and stupid dummy, I’m no good for nothing) they knew I was in the 504 program for learning. They would tease me and said I was slow.

I was riding on the bus and the student who tried to trip me took a picture of me and said I was smoking on the bus. I was playing a game on my phone because the drive trip was 1 1/2 hour drive. The student sent it to the band teacher. The band teacher sent it to the principal. The principal called the school police .

The police came and ask me to take my clothes off to the shorts. They search me from head to toe. They search the whole bus. They smelled my hair, clothes and hands. The principal showed the police the picture the student took. The police told the principal he don’t smell smoke on me, because smoke lingers on. He asked the bad teacher was I smoking he said no. He didn’t smell anything. The students watched and laughing and said we got you.

The student who took several picture of me and sent it to the others students. They place it on social network. Principal showed it to the principal of another school My mother was looking to see about enrolling in. The principal showed it to his son who is in middle school.

After the principal met with me. He said I had drugs on me. He said the students said they saw me with drugs. These are the same students that was bullying me. The school police search me as well as my belonging no drugs was found.

They never found drugs on me or in my system. I took a drug test. Mother took me to the dentist as well as my doctor, the result was still negative. The students begin to cyber bully. They would contact me by my social network page. Harass/taunt me on my cell phone. They tried to kik me . When I go to the store they would follow me around and laugh how they set me up. Two of these student used to be my friend until I heard they was trying to help the upperclassman fight me. They wanted me be the look out while they steal from the store. I told them no.

The principal kept the picture in his phone after the investigation. While he was integrating me he put his whole body between my legs. I felt violated all over again. First by the students and band teachers. Secondly by the principal. I never been in the office for been in trouble. The principal wanted to send me to alternative school for 180 days. I asked why! I never been to your office for nothing. He said give me names, I asked what names. I didn’t know what he talking about. He told me you have 6 months to know what names he talking about. I told my mother what he said. The principal said the drugs dealers. My mother told me. I told my mother, I don’t know no dealers at school. I played football, went to football practice. From football practice to band practice. I was physical tired. I didn’t have time to socialize or do drugs. My teachers wouldn’t give me extra time like the 504 program stated.

Now I’m scare to trust people especially adults in authority. It going to be hard to trust another student again. Now I go to a private school. I’m no longer at that school an the bullying still exist by harassing me on my social pages through other friends. Trying to reached me by phone. In local store letting me know how they set me up. One of the bullies told me now you can’t play sports or be in the band.

I was in embarrass to tell my parent I was getting bullied. I told her some of the students didn’t like me. I told her how the band teacher would come up to me and tell me how four students finds me to be annoying. She told the teacher to stop, but she didn’t. Everyday I had to hear this. I told the counselor and other teachers.

Please students talk to your parents. If something going on at school. Let your parent (s) know. They would be able to help you. If I would have spoke to my mother in a little more details, some thing could have been avoided. Know you are not along. A person who bullies another person have serious issues. Now I’m more aware about bullying. It should be taking serious.

This why I stated for my title: jealousy can lead to serious bullying!!!!



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  1. Divasdancermom | May 27, 2015 at 5:08 pm #

    Hang in there kid! I was bullied in high school because I was smart, a dancer, a singer, and a cheerleader. I was also tall and thin. I also was a moral person. Today I have many friends and have forgiven those who have tormented me. I also have a happy, successful life now. They are trying to tear you down because they sense a strength in you. You are not afraid to be different. Keep being you. I know many entrepreneurs and people with multiple degrees who were bullied as teens. Make fun of us now, but we will be your bosses in ten years!

  2. me | July 14, 2014 at 12:19 am #

    I was not done writng about this bullying if this situation is still going on this young man needs to get a lawyer not only for the fact he is still being harrassed online on social media there are ways to get copies of that for court.As far as the principal should be in alot of trouble for taking a picture of you that way and showing it around.That picture can be traced back to who put it up on social media.I would tell you to start taking a copy of anything sent to you online and anything you find of yourself online that is bullying it can be successfully used in a bullying case in court.As far as putting his whole body in between your legs that is sexual harrassment and could also be used in court.He should be ashamed of himself for doing that .Any conversation you have with a bully online can be used if it is sent to you.If anything this happened to you so that you could do something about it so it never happens to anyone else where you live.It’s possible that if you take them to court that other’s bullied past and present come forward and help your case.Judges are no longer leniant with bullying cases they take bullying seriously these days.If anyone threatens you or harrasses you make a log of times and dates.

  3. me | July 14, 2014 at 12:05 am #

    These piece of crap teachers and students bullying this kid for envy is simply amazing.I find it hard to believe teachers would stoop so low and join in on that.Those teachers have no backbone and no integrity simply bullying a kid instead of encouraging him .This kid is a WINNER I don’t have to know him to know that not only being in sports ,but in band but also enduring bullying.There should have been a lawsuit at this point people strip searching this kid and no drugs,teachers and student’s harrassment on a daily basis.This kid will be a success one day and those bullies and teachers Karma comes around full force and the results are not good.I know this kid did not state his name but know that everyday you have courage and start to retrust in people not everyone is like this.Having the strength to still endure these incidents will make you stronger and successful later in life.I use to be the person in school that stuck up for kids against bullies still today as an adult people know better than to bully someone around me I’am very against it.It is important for kids to talk to their parent’s and get it taken care of we don’t need teachers like this around our kids that help to bully students.You would think the teachers and students would admire the work ethic of this young person playing sports and being in band and give him a pat on the back for his dedication but no putting him down was the best they could do.One day someone will put those teachers or students down.One day those teachers will mess with the wrong student and get fired for harrassment.One day those students and teachers will feel bad inside for tearing this young man down and want to apologize but won’t be able to it will always be in back of your mind that you bullied someone for no reason.

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