My Life

Hello i’m a 12 year old girl i have been bullied my whole life abused i really don’t see the point for living or for breathing i’m nothing i’m so disliked for starters my family my mom and dad

well i have no one i feel so worthless like no one wants me! cause no one does anyways… my mom and dad split up and got divorced in 2007 so uff cant ya’ll just stay together …. but it was a rare time for me to ever see my father.. he lived 4 hours away so i saw him twice a year Christmas brake and summer break for about a week or 2 . life a home was different from most of your normal life you would normally have… my mom had 3 children including me my sister which is the oldest lives in NY we aren’t sister sisters we are half sisters so i rarely saw her .. my brother he was also my half brother he lived with us he was older than me too … he lived with my mom cause my mom said his dad is a deuce bag so oops lol ummm my dad my mom LOVED my father but they would argue alot about the most sillyest things ever so that’s when they splited up…they are good friends now… but all my life with out really any parents was difficult when i was 3 or 4 i started getting a lazy eye people at school would bullied me saying i looked weird and stuff like that so my mom took me to get surgery on my eye it was a successes my eyes were strait but i still needed glasses -_- i would get called 4 eyes all the time but really ?? does not make any sense at all none but anyways i was in in 2nd grade i was new so no one really knew me i was the new girl no one talked to me i had no friends i tried to be nice but kids are so mean! they don’t give you a chance to actually show who you really are just cause i had clothes that used to be my aunts but were in good shape still i wore to school everyday cause that’s all i had we were poor enough to say we could only afford the p in poor we had money for food but thats really it … if i was lucky i would have gotten a new shirt or pants or socks and panties!!! but it was rare too there was a lot of rare things in my life that i could get or not lets skip further in to my story to 4th grade i moved again i was welcomed with opened arms almost all the teachers loved me and i started making new friends on the first day but that beautiful paradise ended they called me fat made fun of my shoes but uff i don’t care not everyone perfect i wasent i knew that from the beginning of school ha so yeah it got worse in 4th grade i wanted to kill my self people would say my breath stinks and i stink i would limp when i walked and call me lesbian a bitch hoe skank ugly …etc and this was all in 4th grade! people were cussing then even the teachers people would get all up in my face and say i was ugly they wold sipt on me push me and start a whole bunch of rumors about me some really mean ones and the same things happened in 5th grade i wanted to end my life i felt worthless i cryed my self to sleep at nights…now in 6th gade i was a fresh new start with my bff shalin and my boyfriend rahmad… so people started bulliying me again cause i was dating rahmad he was kinda the popular kid and i wasent then my b day came a week after my bday me and him broke up my cousin stole him from me and that made a whole lot of things better more things for people to say about me then i started going out with a lot of guys to make me feel better ig i wasent trying too so people made a song about me it goes like this ho ho ho jordan is a hoe sh looks like santa ho ho ho btw my name is jordan but yeah i started cutting loosing friends becoming really sick i tryed to kill my self but it was a epic fail! yeah so imma see how life takes me in the future thanks for reading my life story ill make a update one



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  1. shalin plyler | April 29, 2014 at 8:56 pm #

    omg im in it but i love u bby girl!! XD hahahah good times at activity

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