The Beginning of Hell

Hi,my name is Emeline. I’m actually turning sixteen in 8days.

I’m sorry about my english,i’m french but i felt like i had to talk about my story.

So, last year i was in a school that i liked, i had a lot of friends,i was enjoying school a lot until the month of june 2013.

I finished school at 6pm and it was on friday,so i went to go at home and there was a lot of people i didn’t know in front of my school so i didn’t understand but i was like ” whatev ” and the minute i passed the school gate a girl that was supposed to be a good friend of mine just grabbed me to the neck and started strangling me. I thought i was going to DIE.

I didn’t have strength to do anything. and everyone around ( the other teens ) were just looking at us,screaming,FILMING WITH THEIR PHONES what was happening. i just didn’t know why she was doing that to me.

I came back at home and i explained all that happened to my mom nd dad while i was in tears and i was shaking like crazy.

I became depressed,i started cutting myself. I didn’t go to school until july. i went to summer vacation on july till the end of august. September was all new for me. A new school,new people,new futur friends. i was confident. i met a girl that was kinda like me,she had the same style etc i loved her so much she was kinda like my bff. Then all was going worst and worst everyday… started to cut a lot more because i NEEDED it,i had to. i hated myself and i still do.

so i told about that to my ” bff ” nd like 5 weeks ago i learned she told everyone in my class i was cutting myself etc. so now i just don’t want to meet anyone in my whole life. i don’t want new friends. i’m alone and im good with that. i don’t eat that much and if i eat like 2meals by day i feel bad at myself and i’ll cut even more and think about going to make myself puke. I dont go to school anymore and i don’t know if going to the hospital would be a great idea?..

Anyway, stay strong, i bet someone love you on this fucking planet,don’t give up cause imma be here for you.



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  1. Emma | April 24, 2014 at 10:29 pm #

    Thats Sad </3 Hope You Stay Strong And Dont cut If u do still Just Remember that Somone Loves you
    Even if just your parents or siblings or family there is somone out there Please do not take ur Priceless life away . ~ Stay Strong ~

  2. Jolene Gov | April 18, 2014 at 3:22 am #

    Hello Emeline!

    First off, I would like to say, that your name is incredibly beautiful! I shall write that down in the book of baby girl names if I have a daughter when I grow up!

    Now to start with the real stuff…

    I can truly feel your pain Emeline. I have been bullied for a very long time and I didn’t think it would stop at all. Like you, I also moved to a new school because of all the harassment and torment at my former school. I told my parents I could no longer handle it, and so they helped. Maybe if you told your parents that you’ve been hurting yourself, it could get better. If you told your teachers and principal, they might help. I know mine did.

    I talked with my counselor about my experience and she supported me all the way. Now I have the most fun and awesome friends I could ever ask for. And I gotta tell you, even celebrities were bullied! Think about that!

    So, you too better hold on! There are many others just like us and I know that we can make it, until the end. :)

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