In kindergarten, I was bullied by a boy. Everyone said that he bullied me because he liked me. Even my teacher and principal said that. He chocked me and called me names. He bullied me until 4th grade. Thank god he finally got suspended. I was happy. I had friends and everything. In 5th grade there was this girl named Elizabeth. I always didn’t like her. She always took away my friends and ignored me. One day I texted her saying she was rude to me. After that we got into a texting fight. She called me antisocial, dumb, stupid, and faking being depressed. I was depressed. I started to cut in 3rd grade. Anyways the next day at school she gave me looks. Her mom went up to my teacher and told EVERYTHING WAS MY FAULT. I cried in class that day. I’m on the road to recovery (kinda). Thanks



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  1. Emma | April 24, 2014 at 10:26 pm #

    Im Sorry To hear that Stay Strong You can go threw this
    Your 10 or 11?

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