Beat up and locked in a dog cage!

I have always been bullied ever since elementary school. I had a major crush on this boy in elementary school, but he and his friends would tease me, make me cry, and push me around. In elementary school to me was bnot a big deal, but then I moved to a new town and finished elementary then went to Jr. High. Junior high was terrible! I got teased by 2 girls mostly. I was dating this guy who was a football player and I really liked him! This girl who was popular and liked to tease me took him away from me and got him to break up with me. I was totally crushed, but that wasn’t the worst part they would flaunt it every day! Then I was in choir class and I loved to sing well we would have to be bussed to the high school for choir then I’d walk home after choir class, it was the last class of the day. Well this girl was also in choir with me. After class when it was time to go shed push me, call me names, knock stuff out of my hands and everyone would laugh and point she would say you cant even sing you dont deserve to be in this class! Eventually it got to far! So I ended up switching classes so I didn’t have to be in choir with her. So I ended up switching to art. This continued through out middle school! So I got into high school and it got even worse! Being pushed into lockers, this guy punched me in the arm and left a black and blue bruise on my arm that hurt for like a week! He got suspended. I even got spit on one time in the face by some guy while riding my bike around town! There was this spot while walking home from school where people would wait for me because it was just off the school property and these people would wait then they’d follow me making fun of me, pushing me, spitting at me, grabbing my backpack, doing whatever they can to tick me off, but one day was the worst! One day there were 3 girls who I thought were my friends waiting there for me. They all 3 grabbed me and started pulling me one was on one side, one was on the other, and one was behind me. They literally dragged me to one of their houses cursing at me saying they were gonna beat my a$$. I was crying screaming help! We did pass people who just stared at me like I was crazy nobody would help! So we got to her house and they got my backpack, took out my purse and the rest of the stuff in my backpack, pulled and broke my necklace I was wearing. They dumped my purse out on her pool table and took all my makeup and smeared it in my hair, on my face, my clothes. Ske took my mascara brush and wrote all over my face and she pushed on it in my face scratching the crap out of my face. Took my perfume and sprayed it all over me in my eyes and nose tryed spraying it in my mouth, but I clenched my mouth closed. I got punched for that. They were punching me in the face, slapping me in the face, spitting on me, taking what they wanted out of my purse and backpack, cursing at me calling me every name in the book! The girls big sister and boyfriend came downstairs and just stood there and laughed then went back upstairs! Finally when they felt they were done doing that and all my makeup and perfume was empty they all three grabbed me and forced me into this big dog cage. Then they were, shaking it, kicking it, hitting it, and taking pictures. I was screaming and crying let me out, let me go home! They woyuldnt ! Finally her mom came home and yelled at her! Let her out of there! They still wouldn’t so she pushed them out of the way and let me out and helped me up. I gathered all my stuff while they were smacking me in the head and spitting on me while her mom yelled at them to stop doing that. I left and walked home. I got cleaned up and I had a fat lip, scratches all over my face from the mascara brush, a black eye. My parents wouldn’t do anything because the girls mom was sleeping with one of the cops and felt it would’ve been a waste of time! I lived in a small town and there all the popular kids think they can do this and get away with it, and most of the time they do! I was walking home from our annual festival one time and this girl that I barely knew followed me and said hey! When I turned around she just punched me in the jaw for no reason! I barely even knew her! They say high school and your teen years are supposed to be the best years of your life? Ha! No! They were my worst! Eventually I dropped out of school and never went back! I am still without a diploma, but I DON’T suggest anyone drop out of school! I regret dropping out! I wish I could go back and graduate. I am 34 years old now and I have a hard time trusting people. I still dont have very many friends and the ones I do have I never visit I don’t know why, but I just don’t, I am extremely shy around people I don’t know, I still have depression in fact I couldn’t tell you how many times I thought of suicide when I was younger, but I stayed strong and took it! It makes me so mad to see the news of someone commuting suicide because of bullying! It needs to quit! NOW! I have 2 girls of my own and I’m constantly talking to them about bullying and the effects! How not to be a bystander! I didn’t have to worry about cyber bullying when I was younger, but I monitor everything my girls do online. I am a surviving victim of bullying! I just wish it would stop!

surviving bullying


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  1. Sarah Stegall | April 9, 2014 at 5:55 pm #

    I love your story. I believe that Bullying should be stopped but people now-days are always thinking “THEY” know what is right and wrong, that “THEY” can do anything. Well I say “WE” need to stand up to “THEM” I Honor your courage and bravery and I pray that everything will be better for you.

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