Mean Girls

Backstabbing is the worst. Especially when it is from one of your friends. Being called names is horrible. I got called stuck up snob. It all started when i came back from a small mining town. I always thought she hated me but she denied it. I was so angry. i asked her, she said it was true that she Called me stuck up. Whats even more backstabbing is the fact that My two bestest friends are fighting one said they want some space from the other. They have been fighting since the Mean Girl Called me a Stuck up snob. The worst thing is that one of my Bestfriends is hanging out with the mean girl and i am scared she is going to become a Mean Girl. Right now i am hanging out with one of my best friends and we are both hurting just as bad. I just want everything to be back to normal. I am sick of bitch fights. I AM SICK OF IT. Please Stop!!!!!!



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  1. Jolene Gov | April 18, 2014 at 3:08 am #

    My story of bullying starts out when I was in the third grade, if I remember correctly. It all started when I became friends with this young girl, who was about my age. Her name was Hannah. She stated that I would be able to become popular if she joined her clique of friends, and to this, I happily agreed to her offer. Popularity was all I ever wanted and I was glad that my opportunity had come.

    A few weeks later, she and her friends had betrayed me. They told me I had to stick with them no matter what. I couldn’t hang out with my sister during recess, I couldn’t sit with my other friends at lunch. When I reject them, they called me names, such as, meanie, stupid, dumb. The worst insult I’ve ever gotten was, “You’re worth nothing.”

    And things escalated from there. The experiences didn’t stop until 7th grade, that’s when I moved to a new school. But remember, the story I told above is only ONE of the things I have endured through.

    And those of you who are struggling, I would like to tell you, please, hang on! Things will get better in the end! Ever since I moved to my new school, I have made the most wonderful and compassionate companions and I love it! Even celebrities were once bullied! The famous pop singer, Demi Lovato (Which you might have all heard of by now) was bullied. She was called many things like, fat and lazy, but look at her now!

    Things will always improve if you’re willing to endure and make the journey, trust me. :)

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