I Felt Worthless

So It all started when I joined senior/high school. I thought it would be great fun! I thought I would make loads of new friends and get good grades, I thought it would change my life… finally I would have some friends! But no, it wasnt like that. It was like my primary school. I didn’t have anyone and I was alone. I got teased, pushed, pinched, I would get phone calls and messages from girls at school saying how I would act the dead person in drama because I deserved to be dead. Girls would tell me how i would never get a boyfriend, how i was worthless, and didnt belong on earth.hen one girl, would always blame things on.me, make it look like I done things when I didn’t do them, then my grades went down. Then my smile faded. So my mum decided to move me to a different school, I knew people there, I had friends there, there was one girl though who didnt like new pupils, she threw a bottle of water over my head. Her friend then pushed me and shoved.me in the corridor. Sending me horrible messages was only the start. I was out with my family one day, out for a meal-and a girl from my previous school rang me, I didn’t know who it was, then I knew. I knew there was no escaping it. No hiding or running. She made all of her class shout things down the phone to me. I was to scared to go to the shop-i was scared to go to school, every time I went to schooling felt alone and worthless. It was horrible. And I don’t want to go through that again. Never.lockers


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  1. barbara | March 14, 2014 at 3:46 pm #

    you are not worthless, and all of those people making fun of you are probably jealous or they probably feeling the same way but scared to let others see it, because they may feel it would ruin their “reputataion”. but never give up because you have your whole life ahead of you.

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