A Life of Being Bullied

It all started in 4th grade. I was hanging out with a group of girls, and I thought they were my friends. We would play gravel every day at recess. One day, they all got in a group and told me to stop playing with them because i was mean to everyone. I don’t understand how I could possibly have been mean. All i would say is hi, and lets play, and stuff like that. So they kicked me out. I had no friends and they would laugh at me and talk about me. They would laugh at me sitting alone at recess. Next came 5th grade. I thought last year was just a funk. But no. These two girls, (not going to say names, i will just say A and K), bullied me the whole year. They would call me ugly and fat. They followed me around in recess and laughed at me. they pushed me off swings and kicked me i gym and called me a loser. A would text me calling me really mean things. Next year, 6th grade, these girls, (A,K,and L) bullied me like crazy. A (a different one) constantly texted me and called me a b**** and fat. She told me to kill myself. L and K would laugh at me and gossip about me. They dissed my clothes and hair. They went around in a clique and talked about me. They prank called me telling me to kill myself. Finally, now to my present grade, 7th. At first, I thought all the drama was done. Until girls (i didn’t know them, the # was blocked) that went to my school, called and texted me saying i was a horrible person, I was mean, ugly, no one liked me, and that i should cut myself. And now, this girl (J), is spreading rumors that I called her horrible things which I would never do. now many people (L,J,S,G,M, etc) hate me because of those fake rumors. Thats my story. Wonder how I’m gonna get bullied next year.swings


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  1. ashley | March 6, 2014 at 7:58 pm #

    I went through a similar mishap in school I moved 15 hours away into a new school in this school all the kids had grown up together. People are awful. Reach out in diffrent directions, I thought I had one friend and thwn I realized that one friend I had was betraying me the whole time, and telling the whole school my personal problems. Shut those people out dont ever let them see your pain! I know its hard but letting them see your pain only gratifys them and makes them see that they’ve won! Reach out in diffrent directions open your eyes to people you might not have seen before!! You can do it, you were put on this earth for a reason, and it was not to be bullied and put down. Your a great person you just have to let that beautiful person inside yourself shine!!

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