I Don’t Belong

Hi my name is Barbara Mckee. When i was being bullied i felt ike i wasnt suppose to be alive, and sometimes i wanted to end it. The only reason i didnt is because i thought about what my family would go through after i done it. Bullying does hurt. Words hurt, but we have to try and find some way not to let it get to us and not to let it get us down. I think if we tried to stand up for ourselves and standup for others, then we would have more confidence in ourselves, and not let people get us down as much as they use to.alone


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  1. Michelle | March 4, 2014 at 4:52 am #

    I am glad to hear you have overcome some of your negative thoughts and begun to think positively about how to stop bullying. The love of your family is very strong; strong enough to save your life. Remind them that you love and appreciate them and cherish every positive relationship you have, whether it be your family, friends, teachers, coaches, or even pets. They are there to help! Remember to love yourself with all of your heart.

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