Letter I Wrote For My Son

To whom it may concern,
My name is Angel Schneidt and I am a single mother of an autistic 12 year old son named Austin. Austin was not diagnosed until he was ten years old as being autistic. Life has been one struggle after another. Austin was born a month and half early. He weighed 4lbs 15 oz. He spent the first month and half of life in the NICU fighting to breath. Austin has had a hard time with school because Austin is walk, talk, is into sports, music and is very social. (So it has been hard to get the services he needs)Austin’s father has not been consistent in being a part of Austin’s life. He has a new family and Austin is a second thought. We don’t even know what state he is or how to reach him. He doesn’t pay child support and is 13 thousand dollars behind. Austin misses his siblings and begs me to give him a little sister so he has a sibling around.
The reason I am writing is on February 14th, 2014 Austin turned 12 year old. The day started off great. Austin was excited about going to school. When I picked him up after school I knew something was wrong just by looking at him. Austin was very withdrawn and moody. When I asked how his day was he got very upset and he started yelling at me. Things just seemed to go downhill after that. Austin’s cake was frost burned; he refused to blow his candles out. Austin didn’t eat dinner because he said he just wasn’t hungry. Then he suffered a major meltdown. Austin kept saying everything is ruined and nothing is right and it’s the worst day of his life and the worst birthday ever. It was so bad I had to call the on call therapist to ask what I should do. While I was on the phone outside talking to the on call therapist Austin started to calm down and told my mom that he is being bulled at school in the bathroom and locker room. That the kids are pushing him around and trying to pee on him and was throwing a can filled with pee at him. The kids where calling him names like retard (which we do not ever use at use home) that he is dumb, he doesn’t have friends and when Austin stated that he does have friends they told him that his friends are not his friends that they are just using him. I feel like I should of known something was up before this. Austin has been using words that he does not hear at home and his moods have been dark. I would of never thought Austin would fall victim to bulling because he saw his 13 year old uncle being bullied at the same school and was very upset and demanded that he would stick up for his uncle and himself and not allowed anyone to bully them. Austin has always loved John Cena since Austin was two years old. Austin has always wished that John Cena was his dad. I have bought Austin everything John Cena. I even took Austin to see John Cena wrestle once and it turned out it was John Cena’s birthday. Austin talked about that for a year. I wish I could afford to take Aus! tin to see John Cena wrestle every time he is in town, but it is not in our budget. It would be wonderful if WWE wrestling and John Cena would bring their Anti-Bulling campaign to Austin’s school. I know that there has to be other kids being bullied in the school it can’t just be Austin and his uncle. It would mean the world to Austin to be able to meet John Cena in person. Thank you so much for reading this letter. – Angel Schneidt


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  1. karra | February 25, 2014 at 6:10 pm #

    this is very inspiring.

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