The Unknown Pain

when I was 16 I was bullied beyond belief. The kids would pick on me because I was in foster care they would say things like “your parents don’t love you” or “you’re nothing but a worthless whore”. I would go home crying because to a point I believed them. Some how they found out I was going to counseling and would torture me for that calling me crazy and that I need to be in an insane hospital. a group of guys would purposely walk the path I did to get home so they can gang up on me and beat me up. I would come home bleeding and bruised. my foster mom didn’t care she just wanted the money she got every month. my foster father would do terrible things to me. I was only 16 and my innocence was taken from and no one would listen. so no one knew my pain. the silent tear I cried every night because I couldn’t take this life anymore. I lived it a three story house and my bedroom was on the third floor I opened my window and push the screen out stood in it and jumped I broken two ribs one punctured my lung my neighbor heard the fall and came to see what was going on. I was laying on the ground crying once EMS got there I was taken to the hospital I flat lined in hospital for twenty minutes everyone thought I was gone but one nurse would not give up she keep trying to revive me and on the fourth try I came to. she cried with me and I now live with no one I’m on my own no family nothing and I still cry those silent tears because of the unknown pain I hide in my heart because no one cares to listen to the pains of a broken girl.
–¬†ashley frerickssad girl


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  1. Sandra | February 16, 2014 at 11:36 pm #

    Dear Ashley, I just wanted you to know that someone does care. I care. I’m so sorry about the terrible things that happened to you and I apologize for the people who would not listen to you. If you want to talk to anyone I promise to listen. Contact me via my email. I will listen.

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