Bryce’s Story

104_3201_@I am telling my son’s story for him, he is autistic and it is very hard for him to talk about this so I am telling it for him. Bryce moved to Ohio his 8th grade year, he tries very hard to fit in but social skills are very hard for him, from the beginning he had food thrown at him at lunch (Bryce is kind of a big guy), then he was pushed in the pool at the end of year party, (Bryce almost drowned as a toddler and is afraid of deep water), then freshman football conditioning and practice started in June 2013, he was ignored by coaches, and constantly belittled and made fun of during practices, ( he stuck with it because he would not let the 2 boys doing it force him to quit), then school started he was made fun of in class but a few of the kids would defend him, the bullying kept going during football season (he was kept on the bench most of the time even though he had started with his old team in Indiana) and I stepped in, I contacted the athletic director, principal, football coaches (who at first told me that Bryce had to earn his spot but Bryce would tell me that the coaches would not put him in for more that 3 plays in practice, then I was told that there were 7 nose guards/ nose tackles when there were never more than 5 kids including Bryce on the sidelines during a game), and even the superintendent, as a last resort I sent out a group email to the parents of the teammates letting them know that Bryce was being bullied, Bryce received a lot of support but I did not name the two boys involved until last week, today, I got a phone call from the principal saying that we did not have enough proof of bullying even though it was acknowledged in meetings, and backed up by parents and students and I was told not to send anymore emails about the bullying. I have received a nasty email from one of the boys involved telling me that his son was thrown under a bus for something he would never ! do but he has done, (via a witness) he went on a rant about how his I ruined his son but not once did he ever admit that his son bullied mine even after I told him there was a witness, Bryce has never gotten an apology, we are moving to another school district for Bryce’s safety, but I am not giving up my fight.


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  1. Alex | January 30, 2014 at 2:41 am #

    I’ve been bullied by teams when I played football. The school did not do a dam thing and my mother lost her job because of it.

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