It’s Not My Fault

I’ve always been bullied – because I’m not pretty, skinny, or popular – but it never really bothered me because I have all these amazing friends to support me. They still do.

But a few days ago I accidentally spilt someone’s secret, but it was only to one person! They obviously told some people, and then it spread. The person who the secret was about found out, and blamed me for the whole thing even though I wasn’t the only one who was there when it happened.

So in art today she started making some rude remarks about me: “I hate people who tell secrets” etc, and what made it worse was that none of my friends stood up for me, they just sat there and did nothing. I got upset and went to get some more paint – everyone I did that she put some paint on my chair so that I couldn’t sit down. I kept going to clean it up but she kept doing it and I just kind of broke down, and started crying. Then she started singing “cry me a river” and I lost it. I ran out of the room and stayed in the toilets until the lesson ended.

Now I’m scared to go to school.

I just need someone to tell me that it gets better, you know? We used to be good friends and then she starts doing this. I know I was wrong to tell someone but I feel as if she’s making this completely worse than it should have to be!

Thanks for listening to my story. :)


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  1. tanzy hall | December 12, 2013 at 2:30 am #

    im not in your exact situation im only 13 but I do get so frustrated and anxus I start crying and having a panick attack I know that u guys used to be good friends but a true firend wouldn’t bully you until you ( what I call it ) become unstable and then make fun of you for crying but you did the right thing going to the bathroom to calm down but if she dose do it agin you should ethither go to the bathroom until you calm down and then go see the school counsler or tell a teacher until they do something im also trying to start aniti bullying club at my school I hope this helps

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