It Still Bothers Me

I’ve been bullied non stop! Due to my weight, my hair, my speech and learning disability and my social class status. I have some many stories to tell but I’m just goin to narrow it down to the worst and still bothering experience I ever had. I still get angry and occasionally crythinking about them. I bullet point it because its too long to type.

1.) I was sexually molest by my could of been step-brothers when I was six years old. I screamed and the older one came in and yelled at is brother, the last I remember (or wanted to remember was that I just looked out the window I wasn’t sure what but I didn’t had my eyes moved from it.

2.) When I moved to a school in the country. I remember these two girls (black and girl white *not meaning to sound racist just wanted to describe them) they were friends they picked on me like crazy!

-I was head to the bathroom and when I came back I saw a girl crying in fromt of my class door. I asked her whats wrong and a kid was picking on her I open the door to tell my teacher and Dericka and megan (the girls name) say the girl and accused me of making he cry! The tearcher of course may them write apology letters but meagan wrote “I’m sorry you made that girl cry.” I didn’t caught it till my friend reread the note. I didn’t show my teacher cause my friend tore it up and said her letter meant nothing.

-2nd experience with them was I was being bullyed in lunched I rold the teachers that motored the cafeteria and they called them up I walked away thinking things were fixed but the next thing I knew I was called backup forced to apologize to THEM??????? WHAT!? For what? They were making fun of me I said the techers didn’ give me a reason they just said apologize to them. Of course I had too. To be honest this happen in fifth grade. I move and in my senior year and what these girls did still makes me cry. (Unresolved bullying I guess. But, i would love to say a coupl of choice words if given the chance)

3.) During gym I was pushed by two girls in my middle school. I told the gym teacher cause I was just crying and upset and she sai she didn’t see anything. And told me to got back to walk the lap. I yelled I could you not see that I was across from you! (Our gym is not that wide!) but no, the girls got away with it of course.

4.) same middle school, I was sitting in lunch and remember how I said I was bullyed cause my hair and social class status. Yeah well I had very loose braids in my hair cause I could not afford weekly rebraided her cause I broke. This boy and his friends decided to pull on my braids to see if it came out. It didn’t but I was fed up and told jot a teacher but the Principal ;D like the birds they are they scattered when I got to the table they were at but nope, I’m not having that either. I scanned the cafeteria and pin point everyone of them and the principal talk to everyone of them and review cameras. Later that day the chubby one who was in their prank start complain in the bud about me but i didn’t care (justice was served)

4.) Now high school, a boy (not giving his name cause I’m still in school with him. (Not that I’m scared of a 90lb 5 feet nothing) alwaysmessing with me never figure out why. For year meanig since middle school. Anyway he always saying me thigs behind my back in class or say I’m r****** which I am learning impaired but I’m working fine on a 111 IQ score thank you very much. One day he came in my math class durning last day because he wants to see one of the teachers but he didn’t leave instead talked to this 19 yearold junior girl -_- right next to me. I didn’t say nothing I just got up amd slammed my chair to the desk and at to go downstairs. He said “what the…” Like I shouldn’t be in his presence and you know how anything can’t set a tickig bomb off well….

Me: “Look here little boy…”

Boy: “Who you think you talking to you?”

Me: “I’m talking to you, don’t playing stupid I’m sick of you BS (except not the intials) You always messing with me and just to add more insult you come in here…”

*I should add he knew I was here cause when he came in and talked to my teacher he was like “oh, so you have Laurya in your class”*

Boy: “don’t do this on last day man.”

Me: “You know I would complain about you calling me man but I guess it can’t be you…”

Anyway more words flew out and I was about to lash the teacher blocked me from getting to close to him and the boy wa hiding between his friend whiched I had low respect for now becuse she was like “don’t mess with my friend” she knew he was nasty person I mean everyone did. Them again, she’s 19 and a junior -_- but, that was the first time I every took the offense side when it came to bullying. All these bottled up emotions it just exploded which I did still hold back because I honestly wanted a future and having fighting on my recorded was not on my agenda.

I’m sorry it was so long. But I never talked anout these experieces ever. I’m going to saying typing this makes me feel better but I just want to say something. Also, forgive me for the many spelling errors I have….not a great typer.


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  1. Hannah | December 11, 2013 at 8:56 am #

    Stay strong girl, I will keep you in my prayers xxx

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