The Perks of Friendship

I had a friend> whose name I will not put in this. We became very close since the beginning of grade 7, I soon began to also socialize with her other two friends. We hung out each day, did homework together. etc. 5 months later….. everything came crashing down. She told me I was too clingy. Sent me hateful and threatening messages until¬†midnight. I couldn’t go to school, I was a coward. Once I went, it happened there. After school (inside school) she kicked me while her other two friends just stood there. She led me to the washroom, pushed me in a stall, locked it and left me crying in there. Pointed out all my flaws, and left my self-esteem so low, I didn’t want to show my face anywhere, i suffered through depression for a while. However she suddenly stopped, I slowly became better, but didn’t fully recover. As The summer passed I didn’t take myself out of the house.

Grade 8 has just started now, and now its not physical, but the looks she gives me every time i walk by, how they look at me like I’m worthless, disgusting, or some little piece of shit that’s been stepped on, smeared, and barely even visible any more. Now I’m still suffering with depression and suicidal thoughts. And I don’t think it’ll get better.

I hope whoever reads this does not go through this, I’m warning you, make your trusting only worth someone actually valuable.

Thanks for listening, whoever you are.


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  1. tanzy hall | December 12, 2013 at 2:36 am #

    don’t do it things will get better and also challenge there looks stare back at them as they do at you once they see that youre not that afiraid they will leave you alone and if they do bully you again espesily physical go to youre school counsler right away hope this helps

  2. kiomi yates | December 6, 2013 at 8:53 pm #

    hey there, ive just read your story about your bullying experience. nobody deserves to go through what you have gone through. I myself have been in your spot, at a time I had no friends, and had nobody to go to for help. I felt alone, and i wanted to be someone everybody would like, and get along with. my trust is only set with people who have proved that i can trust them. i would love to hear more about your story, email me anytime.

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