hey im Eva 15 years old im from balinese indonesian i love to sing
for the first time im so sorry for my bad english
i want to tell you all something about my life never ending until now
i have been bullied at school i have no friends at class im alone noone ever talk to me because im loser queer ugly fat girl noone likes me i fell like nothing here every i got hurt words i always cutted my arms thats really sick and hurt
when i call my parents that ive been bullied at school they no respond at all
i live in denpasar city woth my uncle aunt and them daugther and son
they are same they never know how i fell
i miss my familly there in my village i really want to say about it but im so afraid and i dont want to hurt them so im silence
every night i always pray to god i believe god give the way
but now im so tired i dont want to go to school again
i need someone who can to be my friend who can to talk to me
please help me
i need your help :'(


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  1. tanzy hall | December 12, 2013 at 7:50 pm #

    dont give up hope man the world needs everyone and dont drag yourself down tell someone and just think about your life and ask what can i do to improve it stand up hope this helps

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