Ugly. Beautiful. Wrong.

Well, this story is true. Completely Honest. While this story may be true it is also terrible. Many girls have dealt with this at least once in their life but no one admits it.

What do you think when someone says Ugly? Unappealing? Fat? Crooked teeth? Messy hair? What?

Personally when someone says ugly I feel forced to ask “Why?” I used to believe in that word and I used it to describe things…but never people. Everyone is beautiful in their own way and no one deserves to be called Ugly. But the only person I called ugly was me. And his heart.

I am really insecure. I hate when I compare myself to other girls. I will spare you and not tell you what I hate about myself but there is one thing you should know. I wasn’t always this way. I owe this all to one boy. This is the story:

So there was this guy. That is always how it starts out huh? Well this guy, let’s call him Henry, was every girls crush. Everyone liked him and he was insanely popular. I remember that one day, after watching him from a distance for two years,I decided to finally talk to him.

~”Maybe, just maybe, will he like me if I try to be friends with him.”~

I crossed the room as my heart pounded faster and faster. I finally see him and he turns around and frowns.
“Hey.” I nearly whispered.

“What do you need?” he said looking around. I figured to make sure no one would see him talking to me.

“I just wanted to say hi. What is wrong with that?” I said mentally freaking out.

“Just go away!” he yelled as he pushed me. I fell to the floor, dropping the books that were in my arms. I looked up at him as he walked off and joined his group of friends. I heard his conversation, their words echoing in my head.

“Why were you talking to that nerd?” a blonde guy said, nodding in my direction.

“Oh her? She came up to me and started talking to me. Stupid right?”

“Yeah. Do you think she likes you?” Blonde said with a disgusted expression.

“I hope not. She is so…Ugly.”

The conversation faded away as I sat on the floor. No expression but i felt a tear fall.

Ugly. The word bounced around in my head. What does it mean?

For the next few weeks that question lingered like a depressing fog. I would walk by him and every time he would point and laugh or push me so I would drop my books on the floor. Bruises formed, heart broke, and mind remained stuck on that one word. Ugly.

I never asked why he said it. I never told anyone about it. Every day since then do I looked in the mirror and wince. I am ugly. Henry told me so. His friends agreed. Everyone agreed. That means it’s true. It’s all true.

I want to tell any one who can relate in anyway that it’s not true. You are beautiful and amazing and don’t let someone tell you otherwise.:)

The only thing that is Ugly in this world is their heart. They can’t change that either.


2 Responses to “Ugly. Beautiful. Wrong.”

  1. Kirra | December 8, 2013 at 11:50 pm #

    everyone is beautiful, including you. I believe you are beautiful on the outside and inside. it is those boys that are ugly on the inside, for hurting you like that. it isn’t right that he thinks he can push you around whenever he feels like it, for no reason. nerd isn’t a bad word either, it just means he is admitting you are smarter than you. Make sure to stay strong, and try not to look at him, don’t give him that power over you. you are beautiful.

  2. Sloane | December 1, 2013 at 8:06 pm #

    I’ve been called that, even from my own sis. But I would’ve told the teacher. We all know that when that goes in our mind we think “But then they will bully me for telling.” Well that is a pile of ish! When told on, they’ll lower the notch, little by little, just don’t wining every time.

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