Third Grade

It all started in third grade.My first day of school,and my first day of being bullied.There’s always a mean person in your life.This person’s name was Brooklyn.She was awful to me.She would always torment me,and hurt me with her unkind words.On the first day,I was minding my own business talking to my newfound friends,Avni,and Caitlyn.She walked up to me and said “Stop trying to be cool Kathryn,because your not.” I was crushed.Why would someone say that to a person so nice?

The next year in fourth grade,I was transferred to another school.I was so excited,because it was the school I was at since first grade.I was being transferred back,because the school had a program for kids that weren’t getting the grades that you weren’t supposed to be getting.I was really bad in school.A lot of kids bullied me,because I was in a special program.

I finally had all A’s and B’s,and was taken out of the program in fifth grade.Then that’s when I moved to another town. When I enrolled into the school,they needed me back into the same program,so they could be the judge of weather I still needed to be in or not.I was so mad,I went home crying my eyes out.

When I got to my new school,the first girl I became friends with was a girl named Jada.She was nice for a few months,but ended up causing so many problems.Then I found a true friend.Her name is Erin,and is still my best friend.She ended up being the only person I hung out with.She was bullied to,but behind her back.When I heard someone say something mean about her,I would literally yell at them.I got so mad.

Later in sixth grade,it was great,but I became friends with the wrong girl again.Jada had moved,and a girl named Zaraya.She ended up spreading mean romours about me and Erin.We told the Principal,and she was suspended,because she has been in trouble way to many times.He said he wasn’t surprised to hear what she had done.

A few weeks later,she apologized to me through Facebook.I didn’t accept it,because she had done other mean things to me.She ended up using profanity,and yelling at my aunt on Facebook too.I took a snapshot of our chat using my iPad,and posted it on Facebook.Everyone saw it.My friends,family,and family friends.She never bothered me again.

Now I’m going into seventh grade,go to therapy for self-harm,and depression,I take Zoloft,and all because of some bullies.I just hope my first year in middle school,won’t be like this.I do feel better taking therapy thought.


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  1. Angel M. | August 13, 2014 at 2:28 pm #

    I read your post and was in tears. You are a brave and smart girl. I hope your middle school experience is great!!! Bullying doesn’t stop until you speak up. I am a parent of a 3rd. grader. He just started school this week and day two is having problems with a girl who bullied him in 2nd. grade. I did everything I could to be sure that he was not in class with this girl this year. But she managed to find him during recess and kick and punch him. I wish as a parent we could take all the bullies and stick them on an island together and let them get a taste of what they dish out!! But we can’t so we have to empower you guys with the skills to defeat these kids!! STAY STRONG and don’t let some stupid kid ruin your school year!

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