Severely bullied with no advocate

I have been severely bullied for years. Ever since I got to my new school, it was non stop tormenting. From gossiping to cyberbullying, my school experience was a non stop cycle of getting hurt.

The big breaking point was a couple of weeks ago. I was offered a seat to sit in at lunch in the band room. I sat down thinking they were just being friendly. I was then held down, duct taped to the chair, paraded around school with what could have been a hundred students taking photos. After that humiliation, I was turned on my side while still duct taped to the chair, left to fend for myself as I struggled to get out. It was until a male student came up and ordered people to cut me loose, that I was finally set free. That night, photos and videos were posted on facebook with comments like “Bound and gagged, that’s the way we like it” and “That skank was finally left alone on the ground”. It was cruel and terrible. I considered hurting myself because at that point, I was just done. I wanted to give up on everything until I was reminded that all pain is temporary. The next day, I ordered the girls that put the video up, to take it down. They didn’t but I am glad that I stood up for myself. that’s the first step. I will soon be starting an anti-bullying program at my school because of this experience and many others.

Either way, bullying is not ok. I have been victim to it for years and it hurts. It hurts and it’s not fair. I am Georgie Seserman and this is my story.


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  1. Usui | March 26, 2013 at 10:48 am #

    your child is still inhaling.Parents sholud just assume that sooner or later their child is going to get bullied.A child that is bullied will try to avoid being where ever the bullying takes place and/or reproduce the bullying behavior. They will get sick or appear shy more than usual and/or they will criticize or pick on other kids (they might even do damaging things to themselves). It can be a simple as saying you are (I am) so stupid or it could mean physical violence.The key is not to wait for the worst to happen to teach them that they are special and valuable and no one can do or say anything that can make them any less. The best way to teach them is to show them.When a child SEES the adults in their lives show compassion and tolerance to people who are different from themselves they KNOW there is nothing that would every cause them to lose the love of those adults and the child becomes resilient.

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