Buljan RCSD Bullying

My son (13) is bullied daily. The worst part is it happens DURING CLASS! He has been picked up and punched. Terrorized with name calling and the threat of being beaten up. Yesterday a student held him down during class and sprayed hand sanitizer on the crotch of his jeans. Guess what was done? NOTHING!!!!!

My son has had such bad anxiety over going to school that he has blood in his stool. I have him in therapy to cope with his anxiety. At the suggestion of the school he is also enrolled in Martial Arts to learn self defense and inner strength.

There was a point where the bullying was so severe that my son sent a threatening email to the school district. The police came to my house, we all went to school and of course no action was taken because the school can not do anything. I was treated as if I should be thankful that my son was not expelled for the threatening email which also indicated that he was borderline suicidal over the incidents and intense anxiety.

I want Buljan and the RCSD investigated. I have email communications and have had many meetings to attempt to sort this out and put an end to it once and for all. Relocating my son to another school seems like the best answer but who will pay the cost of transportation?

If another student lays a hand on my son I am going to contact the authorities and file assault charges. Then I will file restraining orders, which the school will need to manage.

I’m fed up with this school what else can I do? Buljan Middle School Roseville City School District – Roseville, Ca.


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  1. Rinka | March 25, 2013 at 12:41 pm #

    Grades didn’t ever have anything to do with blynliug when I was bullied relentlessly for being a geek. Some of the girls who tormented me had grades as good as mine. And religion didn’t have much to do with it either. I think blynliug is human nature. That doesn’t mean it’s okay, but it does mean it will crop up from time to time no matter what you do. Prevention efforts will greatly decrease the incidences, however, and positive adult interventions should be used to address it when it does show up.Bullying is a way to solidify a group’s identity, as I understand it. The group singles out one person to be the representative of everything that is not us, and dehumanizes that person to such an extent that they can treat them very badly indeed. Mindfulness that other people are, in fact, people, needs to be taught.The sad thing is that kids who are bullied feel so very alone, even though they’re really not.

  2. Debi | March 23, 2013 at 9:53 pm #

    My grandson goes to Buljan MS and is bullied all the time too. Nothing has ever been done about the bullying and when he was featured rencently on the news, they tried to talk to the principal who was unaware of the problem, but they investigate cases completely. How can they investigate if the principal doesn’t even know what is going on. I feel your pain and really wish someone would file charges on the school district for doing nothing.

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