I have a solution to help stop bullying

Hi, I was bullied from childhood up until my adulthood. What I did in my
situation was that I remained my individual natural self, regardless of what
people thought of me. I think the solution to bullying is to encourage adults
and children that it is okay to be themselves and to find themselves. In other
words, I encourage people just to be their natural selves. I think we should
spread this message around through having a second Woodstock, where we
have festivals all over the world to celebrate individuality. We had a Woodstock
in the 1960s for peace; we should have a Woodstock for respecting each other’s
individuality. I think we should have outside dances, food, art , speeches,etc.

–¬†Arna C.


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  1. Janina | March 26, 2013 at 3:07 am #

    Sadly, sometimes there are no signs. Great marks, wiillng to go to school, still laughing. Another parent walking by the schoolyard happens to see it and it all comes to light. Look at their friends and how many children they hang with. In the schoolyard, the teacher comes around and says..is there a problem the kids say just playing . The teacher walks on thinking boys will be boys’ and it continues. Cirlcle kicking, name calling, shoving, holding them down on the ground. It wasn’t just playing and that’s how they got away with it at our school. It was several against 3, not just one being bullied. Maybe that’s why it continued for so long. Know your child and his/her friends. Know those friends parents. As a team, you look out for each other. Be approachable and pay attention. Help boost their confidence so they already think wonderful things about themselves and less likely to believe hurtful things others say. It can happen to any child in one form or another.

  2. Chad | March 4, 2013 at 4:06 pm #

    I was bullied in 6th grade to the point where i wanted to change schools. i was one on the lucky ones who fought back. I was lucky enough to have older brothers and hit a growth spurt that year, so my bully got some well deserved justice and i did not get bullied again. In high school, I knew what it felt like, so when I saw someone getting bullied, I would intervene. This one Kid had a really tough time in high school. Kids would pick on him just to make themselves feel better. I was one of the Football player “jocks” and all of my teammate would ignore it or laugh about it. I jumped in everytime I saw it to stop it because. I got suspended a few times for defending this guy and Coach called me in his office to ask what is going on, so I told him. He gave a speech at the end of practice the next day, and now this kid had the football team behind him until he graduated. he never got picked on again in hiigh school.
    Now, I am 19 years in the U.S. Navy and I teach a class called Bistander Intervention that focuses on intervening when you see something wrong. Verbal, physical, sexual and emotional abuse. we are trying to change a culture in the Navy, and hopefully it can branch out into high schools. I would teach it for free. It makes a difference. Bullying is my pet peeve and i have instructed my 2 boys what to do if they are being bullied, and i dont care about the ramifications. I also told them I better never catch them bullying another kid because everyone deserves the same basic human respect.

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