My nightmare life )':

I started to get bullied in 3rd grade. I’m always the “new girl” in schools. Well I get into fights because people pick on me. In 7th grade I began to cut myself and started to get in a lot of trouble. When people found out I cut myself they began to call me Emo, stupid, Ect. This year in 8th grade I’m always depressed but people can’t see it and the people that bullied me last year continue to bully me. I’m not pretty, skinny,or fast but that shouldn’t be your reason for bullying me and my past has scared me and I just wish i can end my life. I want bullying to stop.


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  1. REYNA | July 9, 2014 at 4:17 pm #

    ive been bullied to by H***** G*******
    and A***** F***** that is sad really sad theyt call me black b itch n d they say imn pussy nd that really hearts

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