Target For Years :/

541821_133437433487256_1296550239_n1Hey guys! I’m Jessica! I’ve always been a small city girl, I grew up in Brantford, ON. Since I was little I always got made fun of. I was called beaver, loser, not good enough. I was young, had a lot of “friends”… they were all fake. Grade six came along. I was bullied so much I didn’t even want to go to school. I didn’t ever talk about my problems. I was told I was usless, that I should leave and make everyone happy. I graduated 8th grade with NO friends.. I had the few people that were my fake friends but no one really cared. I started school in 9th grade, at a school where none of those people that use to bother me went to. Life was good. I had some friends. I had a few best friends. In the summer of 9th grade, right before 10th grade started, my parents moved to new brunswick. I decided to stay with my grandparents. Once I finished 10th grade, I left. Decided that I would be better with my parents.. I had minor depression problems. I started grade 11, this is a small town. Everyone knew each other, I was the outcast. I didn’t know who was who. I let a lot of people walk all over me. I started developing a worse depression. Things with my parents weren’t good and I was being made fun of at school. I tried drugs and smoking and alcohol to fit in, but it never worked. I was becoming a different person. Got so drunk I lost my virginity.. the one thing I wanted to keep for that special boy..

I hated myself at this point, I threw my family away for the people I thought were my friends. I hated my parents for not accepting me. I cut my wrists, thought of suicide, and felt like dying.. thought it would solve everything. Started talking to this AMAZING boy. He helped me through all this hell. I told him everything. I was able to get clean, I went from smoking a lot of weed, to not wanting it at all. It was glorious. I felt so much better. This boy has taught me one thing. Screw what other people think about you. You are all strong& can get past this. Now I am glad I got rid of those fake friends and I’m changing as a person. I have faith you all can do it.
My name is Jessica & I choose “anti-bullying”


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  1. Shane | January 17, 2013 at 8:10 pm #

    I’m glad you chose to share this babe. I’m glad I helped you, and I’m going to continue helping you until I pass. I love you Jessica, and I know you can change for the better. <3

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