So far I had been pretty popular until one day., here’s how it happened…

It was a quiet day in class I had got on with everyone I was such a happy person when I had an argument with a girl called Olivia… We were arguing that day and then another girl called Brooklyn Stepped in, she was friends with both me and Olivia but decided to choose Olivia’s side of the story.

Simple as it seems I had only fell out with those 2 girls. Their was a lot of arguments going on for a few days between us 3. It came to the weekend and everything was fine but when I went back to school on the Monday, at least 17 people had stopped talking to me, they called me names in class and kept trying to trip me up in the corridors. I went home that day and didn’t mention a word to anyone. The next day I went into school it was a school trip to a theme park, ye day went ok. I had my friend Rachel,Chelsea, elspeth and Victoria to hang about with there. We were on our way back to school in the bus I walked into school and there was a group of boys and girls shouting stuff at me in the hall. The bell rang and I walked to the school bus to go home, the bus was about to leave when their was 3 girls shouting abusive things at me and were asking me to get off the bus so they could beat me up, I stayed seated on the bus. I went home that day crying. My mum and dad asked me what was up, it took me a lot of courage to tell them, I was scared but I told them everything. They were very upset and worried about me because I wouldn’t stop crying. I logged into Facebook and received a message from one of the mean girls called ‘Jamie-Leigh’, she said “why didn’t you come off the school bus today?” I replied with ” because you 3 were going to assault me” , she started swearing and sending abusive messages to me. I went to school the next day and everybody was shouting and swearing at me, I was terrified. this happened for weeks on end. Sometimes in the middle of class i used ti ask the teacher if i could go to the toilet, if they said yes i would go, i never went to the toilet because i needed to, i went because that was the only place i could go to cry. It then came to the summer holidays, every single night people were phoning me giving me abuse, I used to just sit there and take it, they told me how they were going to beat me up and they used to call me names such as ‘skank, ugly or bitch’ they told me how everybody hated me and they told me to die because I was worthless. Their was a girl called Aimee, she still had some of my bracelets I had left at her house from when we were friends, she snapped them and sent me a picture of them all broke. I just sat there and cried, there was nothing I could do. Before I went on holiday they phoned me and told me that they hoped my airplane crashed, things like this happened for months. Eventually it all calmed down people stopped embarrassing me and calling me nasty names, people were apologizing  people were horrified at theirselfs. People got in trouble off the school because my mum and dad told the school. Now I am friends with all them again but no matter what, I will never forget what they done, I will never forget what they put me through, I WON’T FORGET. Sony bottle it up, tell somebody, put a stop to it. together we can BRAT BULLYING.


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  1. me, here to help for all i can | January 17, 2013 at 7:16 pm #

    My heart goes out to you!

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