Bullying Really Is a Nightmare

Hello everyone –

I have been bullied all of my life mostly when I was little but it still finds its way to me today.When I was first born and throughout my life untill ten I went to this church and there was this girl that every time I went there she was an absolute angel to everyone…everyone but me.She would kick me ,call me names,let everyone feel her silly putty but me,and when I was in kindergarden she took my favorite toy pony,I got another one she broke that one,I got another one and she hid that one I never got another pony after that.

And then there was this one time that I went to a Faith Group and in my group there was this rude and mean boy who also was making my brother be mean to me this boy would kick me under the table and take away my papers,call me names,take my stuff you name it.

I have felt many things in my life….I feel very insignificant,I feel ugly,I sometimes want to die,people say I suck,and I swear I have been called every bad name you can think of
I have many,many,many more stories some worse that I don’t want to share with anyone and some milder.
Forgot to mention one thing….NOBODY knows how someone feels until they have felt it and there is a saying “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me” THAT IS 100% NOT TRUE words will go right thru the bone and to the heart and embed a hole.And believe me If you are ugly and you are called ugly that will haunt you.



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