My Worst Nightmare

I walked into the doors of my highschool one morning, and i noticed everyone wispering, staring and laughing. All at me. Well I have no idea why everyone was being bitchy to me, until my school “most popular girl” also known as the school bully, came up to me and said good one. I was thinking to myself, what?? Thats when I found out why everyone was snobbing and bitching about me. My best friends came up to me in tears saying, Carlia, why the hell would you do that? do what i said? My best friend replied, you dirty skank. Its all on facebook after that pic you posted last night. I was thinking to myself, wait I wasn’t on facebook last night just standing there in front of my best friends looking speechless. Thats when it happened, my best friend took action and punched me. She was sent home, so was I. It was a good thing I was sent home for the day, it gave me a great opportunity to see what was going on. I put a pic of my best friends with devil ears mustaches, and zits. That wasn’t me. And the comment said, Denise, Leehana, Rosalie, Isobel, and Vanessa also known as my fake, dirty and stupid idiotic best friends who are whores. I was going balistic! I told my parents, and they told the school principal. He believed my parents, and found out that the school bully and her 3 best friends hacked into my account and wrote all that dirty stuff. The bad thing was, the bullies were in my class. My principal was great about everything and he transferred the bullies to across the hall. The principal expained to my best friends what happened, and they were apologizing and everything. But unfortunantly my bestest friend Denise wasn’t there to hear the explanation. I thought she was sick. So after I got forgiven I went back to class without any worries because the school principal said he was gonna sort this out. Half an hour later, my parents and principal called me to the principals office. My b! est friend Denises parents were there aswell. He said Carlia, i have been reading the facebook comments through, there has been a mis-understanding. You got off at 4:00 last night, and the bullies got on at 4:30. They hacked your account again and wrote some really rude stuff about your friend Denise coming from you. I answered back what did they say? My principal said thats nothing for you to know about. Mr and Mrs Walter (denises parents) were shaking. They said to me, honey sit down. Denise commit suicied early this morning. It made me feel like a fool. I ran into the girls bathrooms in tears. I told my friends aswell. we were all crying, but everyone understood it wasn’t my fault. At Denises Funeral, everyone was in tears. It all happened so quickly. After 1 day she died. The bullies facebook accounts got shut down including mine, and they even got suspended. If Denise was alive today, I know she would forgive me and understand. Suicide can be based on a mis understanding sometimes, so just be prepared when it occurs.



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  1. Anonymous | January 11, 2013 at 5:13 pm #

    People these days are always trying to be a bully

  2. Anonymous | January 11, 2013 at 5:11 pm #

    That was so sad of her

  3. Abreesha | January 11, 2013 at 5:08 pm #


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