Don’t ever change for someone!

The reason I picked respect has many different meanings. I was bullied throughout secondary school or high school in the States. The first time it happened I didn’t no what to do, I became depressed. What hurt me most at the time was the fact that it was people I used to be friends with that took part in the slagging. I attempted to make light of it and joke back, I thought that might make them stop and might mean I could be friends. They showed me no respect and I attempted to show them some. I was wrong.

The second and third time I was bullied was in the a new school I went too. Again it was people that I had become friends with that turned on me. They made fun of silly things but little by little it began to wear me down. I became depressed again.

What makes these occasions so difficult to get past is the last effect it can have. Up to a short while ago I would not stand up for myself even when jokes were being made about me. I thought if I say nothing more of my friends won’t turn on me. I believed that I should not let them showing me no respect matter but it does. People who are your friends should except you for who you are. You don’t ever change the person you are to suit others. I know I have many good, and some bad qualities but I work on them everyday. I now strive to show myself respect every day and in turn show those who respect me, the same in return.

It took a special someone to begin to show me all of this and every day I work towards being the person I want to be. I want to say to anyone who reads this, I hope it helps and don’t let people who bully you get you down. Don’t let them change who you are, they are mostly jealous of the great qualities you possess and continue on a daily basis to show yourself respect. Don’t ever change for someone!

“If I try to be like him, who will want to be like me?”



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