Bullied for being his own person..

This story is about my son. I always told him to be his own person, don’t be a follower, be yourself and if friends don’t like it, they are truly not your friends in the first place..He was bullied in middle school. I addressed it with the powers that be and thought that was the end of the story. Little did I know, this behavior contued well into high school. He never told us because he didn;t want further retaliation and also didn’t want to upset me because of my health condition.

What these other high schoolers don’t realize is that first and foremost, my son is beyond them regarding maturity for many reasons. One is that I have a life threatening illness. I almost didn’t make it through at one point. He worries he will lose his Mom although I constantly reassure him, I will be okay, and tell him please don’t worry. The second reason being that his step dad is also not well due to being injured while serving his country in Iraq.

They didn’t know these things because he never had a chance to tell them because they were too busy harassing and making fun of him.
Because of my declining health, we had to move into a smaller home half the size of our previous home and not nearly as nice but still, it is a home filled with love and that’s all that matters. Again, made fun of because our home isn’t fancy like theirs are. There are other reasons of which I prefer not to get into too much detail because I would like to remain anonymous. He was publicly humiliated at school as well as online and they did this because of his sweetness and vulnerabilty and made tried to make it look like he was weak. In truth, they are the ones who are weak because they need to pick on other people to make them feel better about themselves.

My son has been raised to be peaceful and non violent and these kids are the exact opposite. They have purposely done things to him to make him look like he did something wrong when they were the ones who did these things..Such as: taking his dirt bike and cracking it up then ran away and made it look like he did it ( I witnessed this with my own eyes). Hitting him, trying to start a fight which he has been taught not to engage in.

My son has more to deal with at the age of 16 than some people ever have to deal with in a lifetime. He knows the best revenge is to live well and that he will. Someday, when he is highly successful in a career, they will more than likely but hopefully not, be stuck in a place in life they never thought they would be. I truly hope their parents help them to understand that they need to understand the reasons why someone may not want to go and hang out at the park etc. They don’t have parents they feel they need to worry about as far as health issues. I hope they get the help they need to have better social skills because what they have done is dispicable. They were supposed to be his friends and they were even more rotten than I care to mention. As for my boy, he is going to be okay because he is a caring and kind person, he will rise above this and it will make him stronger, not hateful as these boys are at this time.


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