My Bullying Story

Well I’m in high school right now but I have been bullied all my life. Things like name calling, being left out, rumors, fake friends, sometimes even death threats.

My mom, my brother and grandparents are all I have to stand up for me. My mom has been the one to help me though all of this. But sometimes I just want to die.

I need help so please share my story with any news, or any body that can help me start a campaign against bullies not just for me but for all ages and everybody who is being bullied.

Thanks for your time,
Jessica M.


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  1. Edna | December 18, 2012 at 6:29 am #

    Lily,People like you inspire me! This aclirte really hit home! My son has been a victim of bullying & it has devastated our entire family. Our religion has been questioned as well since this all took place in a Catholic school system. We cannot seem to get any help with the matter here in Indiana. And it hurts me to find out that this is still continuing in the same school to this day. The administration/staff/minister ignore what is going on and the dicipline is just not there. Repeatedly the students are rewarded for their behavior by allowing these students to participate in the same events that the victims take part in. The school is creating the future for these children What else can we do to keep this from happening? My son is still dealing with the aftermath .

  2. Marie | December 9, 2012 at 3:18 pm #

    Hay Jessica,
    It’s ok. Don’t listen to negative people. Don’t let them bring you down. You may not realize it but you are a strong person. Asking for help is not something everyone can do. I suggest talking to your High School Advisor/Guidance or any faculty or staff at the school about the bullying. They are there to help create a great learning enviroement and they want you to succeed.

    It’s ok not to have a many friends. It’s not quantity that counts. What counts is quality. I was once bullied in elementary school and I sought help and it worked. I recommend getting involved in your schools extra-curricular activities. Find a hobby that you like and join a club that relates to it. That’s what I did back in high school and till this day those friends that I made I continue to keep in contact with them. I’m now a Sophmore in college and those friends that I made are continually in my life. Trust me when I say this: It get’s beter!

  3. Jessica | November 29, 2012 at 5:59 pm #

    Thanks:) Well it is just so hard. Because I don’t have many friends:)

  4. Anonymous | November 28, 2012 at 6:15 am #

    Don’t listen to what bullies say. You know the person you are and what you want to beome. They can’t read you, they don’t know your feelings or thoughts. Ignore those narrowed minded people that are to immature to respect you for who you are and think it’s okay to belittle others. Be the bigger person, because they will never take the faith in yourself away. You will rise on top one day, because according to statistics their more likely to be nobody’s as adults.

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