“Take Me Down” by Run From Cover

My name is Zac Mason, I’m the lead singer and this campaign means a lot to me personally because when I was young I was that kid struggling to fit in. I remember that feeling of being on the outside of it all looking in and I remember being bullied at times and how much confidence I lost every time it happened to me.

As a band this Anti-Bullying Awareness campaign means a lot to us because we care about people. Music, to us, is all about the human experience. We believe in music’s ability to inspire and strengthen people in their journey in life, so any time we see a place where our music stands to make a difference, to support or draw attention a cause we believe in, we just can’t resist.

From day one of our bands formation, we have always vowed to use any success we have as a platform to draw awareness to those who are hurting. You see and hear reports of bullying everywhere these days and it’s not just happening in the schools, or online, it’s also prevalent in the workplace. Workers are subject to harassment and abuse and because jobs are scare, they take it and it never reported for fear of retaliation and loss of job.

People struggling to find themselves and their place in this world are being crushed by someone who is acting out of anger or hurt.

As we were listening to the song and writing the video with our good friend Chase Manhattan, the theme MUSIC SAVES really kept coming up and the bully angle really jumped out at us. We saw an opportunity where our music might be able to make a difference.

First and foremost we hope that people who are being bullied or are feeling in that low place are inspired and encouraged by the video and the music. We may not know them, but through our music we want them to know we are on their side and they are not alone!

We really hope to raise concern and awareness of this issue. Knowledge is power and when more people look out and report bullying, the less and less it will happen. Hopefully the music and the scenery are powerful enough imagery to make people think about the PEOPLE who are being bullied.

We are working on a lot of cool ideas right now for our upcoming Anti-Bullying Awareness campaign. We are definitely working on a lot of shows and appearances on TV and Radio where we will be talking about this. We are really interested in putting together a school tour this winter but that’s still in the beginning stages. If you know of schools who would be interested in an appearance by our band, please write us at: runfromcover@gmail.com

We are looking for sponsors. If we’re successful, we can make more videos t-shirts, and appearances.

When all seems hopeless…. When all seems to much to bear…. When all hope is lost…. Sometimes, Music is all that you have that is good. MUSIC SAVES!

We love you… RFC
Zac, Stephen, Andrew, Michael, Zach



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  1. Faith Martin | November 9, 2012 at 8:37 pm #

    I LOVE this Song! Love the group! You all are so talented….You will go far, I just know you will! <3

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