On Bullying

When I was going to school in the 60’s there was no anti-bullying campaigns. I was bullied; verbally harassed, because of my weight. Laughed at. It had gotten to the point I refused to go to school; thereby a tuorant officer actually had gotten involved in the matter.

He was strict and mean, poked me and I received a serious bruise.

Several months after I had to see a psychiatrist because my stomach developed an acute peptic ulcer from all that worrying of school days which I never wanted to go. But loved school. That Doctor had to abort me from going to school; therefore I never had the education I needed. I never had a Prom; missed the few friends a did have.

To this day, it has hurt my job situation. I still find it very hard to get a job. So the only possible thing to do is write and sell my poetry.

I am 58 years old, because of the notible people I know, and of what I do for a living, I am still harassed. I live in an apartment building bottom unit and constantly hear foot pounding ever few seconds, so bad that the plaster peices fall. My health is declining, I get seizures. Plus am recovering from a  fractured skull it also makes it very difficult.

This makes my life feel as though … and almost committed suicide but I was not successful. No one listens because they don’t believe it’s not serious enough but I can assure you it’s time to take notice of the bullying and it’s time to stop it.


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  1. Marie | October 31, 2012 at 3:49 pm #

    I am truly sorry about everything that has happened to you. Nobody deserves to be treated the way you have. Please do not commit suicide, you have made it 58 years, you can do this. you deserve to live!!!!

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