Molly and Me

It started last year in 2011. I was talking with my friend molly, until the bell rang. we sat next to each other in science. everything was fine until the next bell for S&E went. I wasn’t in her class for this subject but K (not going to mention her name) was unfortunately. when it was lunchtime, I made my way to her classroom like I always do and waited for molly. when she came out she told me she never wanted to speak to me again. I was seriously confused and the K came out behind her and told molly everything was going to be OK and that she knew a bad friend when she saw one.

everyday i would sit with my other friends and everyday molly would sit with K, giving me dirty looks. this went on for about 2 months until i finally had the courage to talk to her in front of K. ” why don’t you want to talk to me anymore?” i asked her and like she and K had been doing for the past 2 months, gave me a dirty look and walked off without saying anything.

after school i was supposed to go to molly’s house because my parents were going out but when i went to find her, i saw K talking to my friends. they all glared at me and one of my friends went over to me and punched me in the stomach and said “how could you! of all the people in the school and it was YOU!”

4 months past and i was still sitting alone. by then i had cut my wrists 13 times and been to the hospital 6 times. i then became a cutter and an emo. my life was messed up all because of molly and K.

1 year later-this year, i needed to know why she hated me so much and why she had pulled my hair, kicked me, punched me, gave me evil looks, sent me death notes saying ” drop dead you evil b**ch”, telling me no one likes me, putting stuff in my locker eg. a condom filled with yoghurt, and many other things. i asked her a gain ” why have you made my life a living misery molly! you too K! and all of you guys aswell!!!” they then finally told me why they hated me so much. molly, now the groups speaker ” do you remember that time that S broke up with me? K told me you were the reason he broke up with me. she said you were cheating on me and then when he broke up with me and asked you out and said no, you were actually going out with him! she saw you and S at the movies MAKING OUT!”
I was so shocked that i gave K what she deserved. i gave her what was coming to her. I punched in the face and gave her a blood nose. she fell down and molly looked at me but before she could say any thing i yelled at her ” why would you believe K! i dont like S and i certainly wouldnt go out with my BEST FRIENDS boyfriend behind her back!” she told me that she forgave and wanted to be friends again but i didnt want to be friends with a girl that made my life living hell.

from the on i didnt have any friends and was about to hang myself in the toilets when my best friend (not at the time) told me that what i was a bout to do was wrong and she took me in as her best friend and saved my life. i was still cutting though but i soon found hely at BYOU and joined the campaign.

not every story has a happy ending though. Molly later on started to get bullied aswell and is now in heaven looking down on us. what was more horrific is the way she did it. R.I.P MOLLY! I will still love you forever!!! :(



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  1. isabella | October 10, 2012 at 10:49 am #

    ILY cora!!! u will always be my best friend! you don’t owe me by the way.

  2. tanya | October 10, 2012 at 10:47 am #

    you poor thing how did you put up with it for a whole year!!! stay strong!

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