How I Helped

Hello my name is Shannon, I live in Northern Ireland. My story is about how I helped someone through bullying I am writing this because I want bullying to stop and I want the kids to see bullying happening to make a stand like I did!

My mother was in a taxi, and the taxi man noticed I went to the same school as his daughter, he told my mother that since his daughter had started at this school she had stopped eating and she had changed I knew straight away she must be being bullied. I went up to her in school and asked could I talk to her, she was sat with two of her friends she said yes. I said to her “I need to know if you’re being bullied or not because I can help” she replied “no” but her friend told me that a group of girls in her class had been calling her names. I asked the girl “what are they calling you” she replied “Fat and Ugly, they tease me all the time and bully me” I got two of my friends and told her to take me to these girls, she did.

They were four small girls I went to the girls “excuse me, this is my little cousin, why have you been calling her names. Do you know what that is called its called bullying. She has stopped eating her father is worried about her and you think it is funny. Would you like me to bully you and see how you feel. Stop it now” The girls replied with “sorry! I was older than all the girls. The bullying stopped after that, her father and her came to my door with a box of chocolates saying Thank you! The girl is now happy is very popular and does well in school! Her father had been to school about her being bullied and they done nothing I told my teacher she did nothing! Its up to us to stop bullying and to change peoples lives! Instead of putting your head down and ignoring it stand up to the bullys you never know how much your changing someones life.

Thank you

Please let me know if your posting my story i think it will help alot!


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  1. Kaitlyn | March 31, 2014 at 4:22 pm #

    I wish I could do that! Glad to know that there’s still actually good people in the world

  2. Cynthia | October 7, 2012 at 2:45 pm #

    what you did was amazing!!! you stood up for someone who didnt have the courage to do it herself and you have changed her life forever and thats something to be proud of :)

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