Stand Up for Yourself

From the time I was 6 I was bullied by family and friends. Nobody can give a secure reason as to why. I just was an easy target. I have grown up with a cousin who was small for her age and very skinny and had tons of friends. Me? I was the right size for a child and had one or two friends because I was painfuly shy. My family thought I should be like my small boned cousin. I was attacked at every opportunity my relatives got. “You shouldn’t eat that”; “That will make you fat”; “Instead of reading, you should go walk”. I was 8 when they starting pushing it on me.

By the time I was ten I turned to eating to make them mad because I was hurting, so naturally I gained some weight. They started punishing me because I wasn’t like my cousin. There were nights my mom would hold me crying because she hated what they did to me. She finally stood up for me and told everyone to leave me alone and mind there own business. I’m sixteen now and not as skinny as my cousin still. They still make mean comments every once in awhile but I’m learning to tell them to stop.

Nobody deserves to feel bullied. Especially by your family; the people who are supposed to hold you when your hurt. Teenage girls have a need to be pretty and when you had people tell you that your aren’t it can hurt. It took me sixteen years to stand up for myself. It’s never to late! Tell someone to stop if they hurt you! It saves pain it the long run.

– Grace L.


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  1. NS | August 8, 2012 at 4:33 pm #

    Good for you. Nobody has a right to put you down for who you are. Use this opportunity to become stronger emotionally. Stand up for yourself and others will see you as a role model.

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