When it Seems Impossible

At lunch today, I sat by a kid who wasn’t very well liked by some people. Everything was going fine, no one did anything to upset anyone, yet a very mean girl named Sarah said, “Hey David, why are you sitting here? No one likes you.” (By the way, this isn’t me.)

So David ignored it. She tried again with, “David, are you related to that ugly teacher? She looks JUST like you.” This time he said, “Sarah, I’m not ever listening to you.”

“You are right now. Get some common sense, god!”

He whispered to me, “Don’t ever be friends with her.”

Sarah said, “Well, she’s not friends with you. You have no friends.”

“I did at my old school,” he replied.

“You THOUGHT they were your friends, but secretly, they hated you.”

This went on for the rest of lunch. Sarah and her nasty attitude continued to bully. Before we went home, Sarah “tripped” on his foot, and got him in trouble. Don’t let this happen to people. Stick up for them. I realize now that I should have done it. Mostly when more people are against the bully, it will stop. It is not impossible. And don’t let words get you. At least you they have nothing better to do. Destroy what destroys you. Destroy bullying.



2 Responses to “When it Seems Impossible”

  1. GIS | October 19, 2012 at 12:40 pm #

    I think its great what your doing for him. Even though you didn’t stand up for him. I’m sure he really appreciated you sitting with him during lunch :)

  2. sam | May 11, 2012 at 6:12 pm #

    its not your fault you didnt know what to do. its happened to me before to. But ever since i was bulied i stand up for kids i dont even know or i do know. I dont want anyone to go through what i went thro. David was probaly happy u were even sitting with him, and the other kids wouldnt.

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