Hoping to Make a Difference

These days many kids have been getting bullied. I see it happen every day at school. Sometimes I just watch, other times I help. But I can’t help but think of why they’re bullied. People say they’re “dumb” or “stupid” and many other names. I’ve been bullied before. NO ONE helped me at all. But then I met this girl who helped me. She showed me compassion and respect. She helped me.

I have never bullied anyone and I hope I never will. It makes me feel horrible when it happens to someone else. I know I can’t stop it completely but I can help. Most of the time I see kids down. When I talk to them, it’s sad of how insecure and self conscious they are of themselves. I’m not their best friend but I’m nice to them. I respect them as another person.

Kids who bully others have a bad life or are depressed. When you watch from the sidelines for a while, you see everything from a different view.  My best friend, who is still with me, used to be a bully. I convinced her to stop. She’s popular now, and not because of bullying but because everyone likes her. She’s actually really nice and  sweet. Together we try to stop bullying. We even have a group. It’s really helping. 😀

I hope this makes a change!



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  1. StayStongDear | November 3, 2012 at 8:40 am #

    No one deserves being bullied! <3


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